About The Lodge Elevator Fund

Helion Lodge has voted to raise money for an elevator.  This is an expensive item.  Installation costs will be around $50,000 because it requires a 4 foot pit.  If we install a new elevator, they run around $70,000.  The motion was presented and accepted as follows.

This will be a two part motion.  Both parts of this motion will be covered under the following rules.  The funds will be raised through donation or fund raiser but no general funds will go to either of these causes.  The funds will be called something like upgrade / emergency to insure that if the lodge were to get in an emergency position, funds could be used for the emergency.  The funds will be raised for part 1 first and when completed, the funds will go to part 2.

Part 1: We will raise funds for the installation of a standard elevator to be installed at the corner of the north wall and the secretary’s office.  This elevator will have two doors.  One to be used to access the outside and the other to access the dining and lodge levels.  This will require adding a door in the north wall. There will also be a sidewalk with cover built to get to the elevator entrance.

Part 2: We will remodel the down stairs area which will include the restrooms and office area.

As you are aware from previous articles, Helion lodge requires a lot of TLC and is dependent on your generous contributions to maintain a state of good repair.  Therefore if you have been donating to the general fund, please continue and let your elevator donation be above and beyond your normal donations. 

To make a donation to the elevator fund, write elevator on your check or include something in your correspondence to let the secretary know that the donation is for the elevator.  The mailing address for Helion Lodge is P. O. Box 7216, Huntsville, AL 35807.  You can also press the Donate button on this page.  As always we would like to thank everyone for their continued support of Helion Lodge.