Please Contribute to Our Lodge

By David Miller, PM


I joined Helion Lodge in 2006, became an officer in 2007 and continued through the officer line.  I feel very privileged to have been elected master for the 2013-2014 Masonic year.  It has been a wonderful experience to be a member of Helion Lodge and I feel very honored and grateful to have been allowed to serve. 

One of the things I am most proud of is our Helion members and all they do.  Many of our members are involved in charities both Masonic and non-Masonic.  Some of our members are not able to attend lodge because they are involved in various causes.  There are also many things that go on behind the scenes that we never see -- brothers doing things because they need to be done and not for recognition. I continue to be amazed how the brethren are always ready to step up to do their part.

As brother Masons, we are all aware of our fraternity membership being in decline.  Helion Lodge is not immune to this but it is not affected as much as many other lodges. We have been very fortunate in that we get a lot of candidates that become initiated and many follow through and become Master Masons.  In fact, we have been very blessed to continue to receive many younger members, which will help to carry our fraternity into the future.  However, we lose a lot of brothers every year for various reasons such as death, suspension, or transfer.  Unfortunately the net effect has been a slow decline of Helion membership. There are many reasons for this and we continue to look at ways to address it. 

I believe one of the reasons Helion Lodge is holding up better than many other lodges is because of its beautiful building, which has such a rich history.  However with the benefits of this building also come the problems associated with it. As you are aware from previous articles, Helion Lodge requires a lot of TLC and is dependent on your generous contributions to maintain a state of good repair.  Like all historic buildings, maintenance and repairs are just a part of life and the cost of these continue to increase.  The members and friends of Helion Lodge have been wonderful over the years to be there when Helion was in need and I would like to thank all the brethren and friends for their past, present and future contributions of money and labor that allow Helion Lodge #1 to continue to exist. It is always greatly appreciated.

Please contribute to help make improvements and ensure Helion Lodge is here in the future.  If you would like to send a donation or remember Helion Lodge in your bequest, the mailing address is P. O. Box 7216, Huntsville, AL 35807. You can also make a donation at under Dues/Donations.

David E. Miller, WM, 2013


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