Making Time

By Mike Feld, PM

 Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. The difficulty is making sure we get value for our time and not waste it. Are you getting the BEST VALUE for your time? In the next year, I ask that you make an experiment that will cost little or no money and may change your life. We have over 400 members and this means Helion Lodge can make a difference every day of the year. Make an obligation that you will take ONE DAY, maybe less than an hour, to participate in one of the following Lodge events:

  1. Funerals:  Set aside one day, maybe one vacation day, to attend one Masonic funeral during the year. The ceremony is in the monitor ($3.50) and the aprons and gloves are provided by the lodge. If you have never witnessed are participated in a Masonic funeral, it will increase your appreciation for Freemasonry and your beliefs on how to spend your time. This is a ceremony not only for the Fraternity, but for the families and friends who loved one of our brothers.
  2. 50 and 60 year pin awards:  Set aside one day to attend a 50 or 60 year pin presentation. These are often performed on a Saturday or Sunday and the ceremony takes 30 minutes or less. That little bit of time to witness the presentation and show appreciation for 50, 60, or in some cases 75 years of service means a lot to these brothers and their families. It shows that we respect the efforts of brothers in the past as being just as relevant and important as our own efforts and interests in the present. And it is “from the experiences of the past, the present receives its most useful counsel and guidance.”
  3. ALS Walk, Memory Walk, etc.:  The ALS Walk is one day in August. The Memory Walk is one day in September. The minimum effort required is to arrive on a Saturday morning and walk a lap around the track to show support.  Donations and fundraising are optional. Supporting these events with the Lodge demonstrates our support of volunteers and goodwill in the community. It gives us a chance to get outside our jobs, homes, and the Lodge building and meet good people in the community. God puts blessings in places we least expect and you might find one at these events.
  4. MDA Telethon:  Every year on Labor Day morning, Helion Lodge works the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon phones at WHNT. You can volunteer to work the phones or just call in a donation on behalf of Helion Lodge, your workplace, your place of worship, or a family member. Calling in a donation is one way you can help without leaving the house just by picking up the phone.
  5. Adopt-a-Mile:  As the warmer months come along, this is a great opportunity for outdoor exercise. Helion Lodge has one mile along Pratt Avenue from Church Street to Meridian (look for our Adopt-a-Mile sign). Garbage bags and equipment is provided by the lodge. You pick how much time to contribute. Even a small group or an individual can get most of the trash in an hour or less. Often we have coffee, discussion, and/or work on the ritual before or after the clean-up. We also like to take photos for our website and to submit to the City of Huntsville Operation Green Team. Again, just one day makes a difference.
  6. Newsletter Article:  Share your successes and good works! A paragraph or a page about your thoughts on something that can inspire or encourage other members is a great contribution. This is another one you can do from home; and, at any time you choose! Just email Historian, Bro. Rick Story at ds914@aol.com your article. We have members all over the country (no we haven’t forgotten you!) and we love to hear about what you are doing or to hear about what you and Helion Lodge have done in the past. Share your stories! Brother Rick is a great editor, so if you are concerned about your writing he is a great help. I know from personal experience! Please send an article today!

In closing, the tenets of our order:

Brotherly Love:  To conciliate true friendship among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.

Relief: To sooth the unhappy, to sympathize with their misfortunes, to compassionate their miseries, and to restore peace to their troubled minds. This is the great aim we have in view.

Truth:  To be good and true is the first lesson we are taught in Masonry. While influenced by this principle, hypocrisy and deceit are unknown among us. Sincerity and plain dealing distinguish us, and the heart and tongue join in promoting each others welfare and rejoicing in each others prosperity.