Past Masters

2012 Charter Bicentennial

(August 25, 2012)



Grand Lodge Officers
(Left To Right)
AL MWGM Sterling Hughes,  TN RWJGW Dwight Hastings,  AL RWSGW Lane Weatherbee,  AL PGGM Teddy Grogan, 
AL GD.OR. George Nelson,  AL PGM Larry Hancock,  KY PGM Donald Yankey,  KY RWGSW Rick Nelson



Helion Lodge Officers



Helion Lodge Charter Bicentennial - Brothers in Attendance



Bicentennial Plaque
(Left To Right)
Guido Massimi, Rick Storey, Ken Carpenter



Bicentennial Plaque





Flags of Helion's Origin: TN, ALA, KY



Unveiling of Helion monument

L-R Bros. R. Storey, G. Massimi, WM Carpenter, PGM Grogan, RWSGW Weatherbee,

MWGM Hughes, G. Or. Nelson, D Hayes, PGM Hancock



200th Anniversary Helion Cake



Charter Bicentennial Dinner



Charter Bicentennial Dinner



Charter Bicentennial Dinner



MM Chris Long
Raised During Charter Bicentennial Celebration