Meet Helion Lodge #1’s 2023-2024 Officers

Helion’s officers are the heartbeat of our Masonic community, embodying the principles of Freemasonry and leading us on a journey of enlightenment, brotherhood, and service. Meet the distinguished individuals who hold key roles in guiding our lodge, fostering a spirit of camaraderie, and upholding the time-honored traditions that define our cherished fraternity.


At Helion Lodge our officers exemplify strong leadership qualities, guiding the lodge with wisdom, fairness, and vision. They inspire fellow brethren to actively participate in the lodge’s activities, promoting unity and a sense of purpose within the fraternity.


A virtue that runs deep among our officers is dedication. They commit their time and effort to the betterment of the lodge, ensuring its smooth functioning and actively engaging in the planning and execution of meaningful Masonic activities.


Upholding the highest moral standards, our officers exhibit integrity in their words and actions. They serve as role models for fellow members, embodying the principles of Freemasonry in their personal and Masonic lives, fostering trust and respect among their brethren.

John Clay

Worshipful Master

Charles Cozelos

Senior Warden

Chad Thrasher

Junior Warden

Trey Perry


P.M. Benny Ledford


Jason Crowe

Senior Deacon

Travis Tripp

Junior Deacon

Gerald Robinson

Senior Steward

Michael Williams

Junior Steward

James Smith


Kerry Griffith


Karl Pittard


Rick Storey